Standbys: Uniqlo Vintage Chino

Feb 12, 2010

These are nothing new, but my Uniqlo Vintage Chinos (UVC for short) are a great staple piece I'll be wearing spring through fall; and at somewhere around $40, they were by far one of my best buys.

The mid-weight cotton twill fabric used keeps you protected from the elements without being too heavy. The fit is spot-on, with a more traditional cut that tapers down from 10" in the thigh to about 8.4" at the hem. The pocket design/placement/construction is also my favorite of any pant I own. Uniqlo also adds some quality features like herringbone cotton pocket bags, a brass donut hole button, a hefty Universal zipper, and felled seams.

The felled seams are one of my favorite features because they have a really clean look when you roll up the cuffs. Did I mention these look great with just about everything? If you're interested in purchasing the pant, you may be out of luck as I heard that the Manhattan store no longer carries them. However you can probably proxy them from Japan. does has a similar washed flat front chino, but I don't have any information on it. If you're interested in that one, you can order directly from Uniqlo in the US via e-mail; or visit their Manhattan store at 546 Broadway.


wingtip blog

Are these in stock at Uniqlo? I'll be in the city tomorrow.

wingtip blog

Congrats on starting the blog, by the way. Good stuff thus far.

- Dan

Nicolas Lazaro

Thanks Dan! As far as I know they are no longer available but a very similar chino is (on the upper level, turn left and then I think they're on the wall to your right). There are probably also some of the more fashion-forward, slimmer Uniqlo +J chinos still in stock, but in limited sizing. They also have decent OCBDs and some of my favorite basics.

Nicolas Lazaro

^Those directions are if you take the stairs by the way.

wingtip blog

Scoped it out over the weekend, similar chino labeled as vintage something or other chino. Ended up grabbing some OCBD's for 20 a pop instead.

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