War Stripes

Feb 16, 2010

Momotaro, a Japanese denim label that uses a traditional wooden loom and natural indigo to dye and weave their denim, prides themselves on their traditional techniques that hearken back to the Edo period of Japan. The Edo period also marked the end of the age of the samurai. So I assume Momotaro has created their "Going to Battle/War" line to pay tribute to these samurai. The line features hand-painted war stripes on the garments, similar to the stripes that samurai would paint on their armor (which, according to Context Clothing, represent strength, durability, and honor). Personally, I think that's pretty cool and an acceptable way to pay homage. Better than wearing their armor around at least. The indigo chambray work shirt below was brought to my attention by Sartorially Inclined.


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