Jake Davis Test Shots: James Jean

Sep 28, 2010

If you know anything about style blogs, you should, by know, know the man heralded for bringing back chambray; Jake Davis. Well his test shots have become my favorite feature on his blog, among my favorites being Jeremy Kirkland, Joshua Kissi, and James Wilson (why does everyone's name start with J these days?) Anyway, let me give you a brief intro of Mr. James Jean aka The Modfather. He's the author of a couple of my favorite blogs, The Mod Revival and The Mod Rockers from which the nickname is derived. Most recently he's also been a driving force behind the Black Ivy movement along with J.Kissi's Street Etiquette and crew. When it comes to outlooks on life and style, I've heard the analogy of people living in the same building but with their rooms having different views; I think James and I have rooms with similar views of the same street (if that makes any sense). Basically, what I'm trying to say is that we draw inspiration from the same places. While I'm still developing my personal style, I think it's evident from the test shot that James' is really starting to flourish. He's found a way to take that quiet complacency we share and transform it into a casual cool. I guess my favorite part of James' style is the personality he brings to it. And my favorite part of the test shot? James' smile.

[Obligatory "pause"]



Oh man, Jeremy's test shot...more buzz than a goddamn sex tape.

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