Look: From America, With Love.

Sep 24, 2010

About two weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Northern Grade. So this look is, in a way, an homage to it (though Taylor Stitch was the only brand in this look in attendance there). As a New Yorker transplanted to Minnesota for the past 3 years, I tried to integrate that famous "Midwest Nice" with an ivy-prep twist. Perhaps it is a fall look for the style-concious Minnesotan or the New Yorker yearning for a taste of Americana - either way, I hope you all dig it!

Margaret Howell Tweed Cashmere Crew Neck
Roper Pant in Brown Selvedge Canvas by Carhartt
Antique White Oxford by Taylor Stitch
No. 117 Mechanics Hidden Buckle Belt
Saddle Shoe by L.L. Bean
T55-001 The Hill-Side & Tender Co. Woad Dyed Tie
Field Bag by Filson



great choices and integration

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