Look: Noveau Prep

Sep 15, 2010

Here's a look I did recently, unveiled today over at The Pursuit Aesthetic for "The Aesthete" series:

The theme I was going for with this look is sort of my generation's fashion-savvy take on preppy clothing for fall. There's definitely more than a few big-ticket items but I tried to mix in some very affordable pieces that are the sort of things that might be passed down generationally. I think family heirlooms are the central idea around the "prep" aesthetic; sort of inheriting everything from your family but adding some of your own personality to the mix and making it look effortless in the process. The full breakdown of the look is over at The Pursuit Aesthetic, so I'll let you guys give Brennan some traffic rather than posting it again over here.




Great look Nico.


this outfit looks exquisite. those red 5 pockets trousers are in such a great color. and is that the same bag that the bloke from [you_have_broken_the_internet] custom made? it sure looks like it. what a rockin' cool bag.


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