Bedwin & the Heartbreakers "Suited up Sundays" Editorial

Oct 24, 2010

Between the privileged preps and working class stiffs of mid-century America were the middle class. These were the kids who had "suited up Sundays," but kicked around in sneakers and jeans the rest of the week. Kids whose parents could afford them an allowance but nothing like a trust fund; kids who had to work their way up the social ladder. Lately I've been feeling like the recent PITA (Prep/Ivy/Trad/Americana) trend hasn't sufficiently represented this part of America.

To me, this Bedwin & the Heartbreakers editorial from WARP Magazine depicts that sort of conglomerate style of mid-century middle class America.

— Images via ONEEIGHTNINE®


Black Crayon

This is such a cute editorial and preppy is the way to go ;)

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