Four Horsemen Custom Hand-knit Sweater 2010

Oct 21, 2010

Every winter for four years, Four Horsemen Shop has been churning out great chunky wool cardigan sweaters in collaboration with local knitters in Vancouver. While this year's iteration appears to be quite similar to last year's, it features a raglan shoulder, a plain sleeve, a different cable pattern, and different hardware.

This year the sweater comes in two versions, the first of which is made of denim blue Shetland wool; indigo and white yarns woven together to create a color that mimics the appearance of well-worn denim.
The second sweater is comprised of charcoal Merino wool and elk antler buttons. The color appears to be a solid grey from afar, but upon closer inspection, red flecks are visible throughout. Though these materials result in a higher cost than the first sweater, Merino is more of a year-round wool and the sweater weighs less, so the wearer ends up getting more use out of the sweater.
The denim blue Shetland sweater is available here, while the charcoal Merino sweater is available here. Sizing information for both sweaters can be found here. Altogether there are only 24 sweaters, so act quickly or you'll be left waiting 'til next year.


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