"Sheds Water Like a Duck's Back"

Nov 16, 2010

Utica Duxbak Corporation was one of America's premier hunting and sporting outfitters for much of the early 20th century, founded in Utica, New York in 1904. While they've apparently since gone under, they've left behind a legacy of quality vintage clothing. I was reading through my RSS feeds and after stumbling upon this gorgeous corduroy vest on Ready for the House, I recalled a wool field coat being sold on Style Forum. The pieces were too beautiful not to share with you all, and if I had not already bought a wool coat, the field coat would already be mine. As for the vest adorned with pheasants, it looks like something I would expect from a contemporary designer like Alex Carleton of Rogue's Gallery and L.L.Bean Signature fame. I'm truly jealous of whoever ends up with the field coat and whoever runs Ready for the House, as both pieces are some of the most excellent vintage finds I've seen this season. If you're interested in searching for some vintage Duxbak outside of your local thrift stores and estate sales, eBay has a pretty good selection and it's certain to be a more affordable way to stay fashionably warm this winter. A little more information on Utica Dukbak Corporation is available through 10engines recent post on their clothing.

Quilted corduroy Aircel vest, "Warm as toast"
Small mid-century hunting/field coat, $70 shipped ConUS


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