In Holiday Spirit We Trust

Dec 13, 2010

In God We Trust is a cozy boutique situated at 70 Greenpoint Avenue in Brooklyn with a curiously capricious selection of goods. You never know what you'll find, and the prices range enough that whether you walk in with $40 or $140, you can walk out with a unique gift for that special someone. Luckily for those who are too lazy or too far away to make the trek into Brooklyn, they have an online boutique as part of the Refinery 29 shops. Here are some of my favorite pieces; though, in a similar nature to Hickoree's, everything they stock is in some way exceptional.

Thomas Paul eyeglass case, $20
In God We Trust Cheers Mother Fucker flask, $50
The Hill-Side collaboration with IGWT gray & tan wool scarf, $80
In God We Trust shaving kit, $30
In God We Trust hammered charm necklaces, 18", $40 each
Maxx & Unicorn leather bi-fold wallet, $90
In God We Trust customizable brass lighter, $30
The Hill-Side cotton chambray bandanas, $44 each


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