Engineered Garments at Inventory Stockroom

Jan 25, 2011

Inventory just added their first delivery of Engineered Garments Spring / Summer 2011 to their online shop. They chose some interesting items to stock this season, from the iconic navy Bedford jacket and blue chambray work shirt to such unique offerings as the classic shirts and a lightweight version of the cruiser jacket typically not seen outside of colder months. You can view the full selection in the Stockroom, my favorite items are highlighted below.

The plaid classic shirt proudly boasts the traditional American red, white, navy... and khaki in a versatile muted plaid. The fuller cut, french placket, straight hem and two flapped pockets make this an ideal overshirt, though it could be worn under a parka just as well.

The floral and navy polka dot pocket squares are excellent accent pieces to add a dash of panache to any outfit. Pocket squares are one of those things I never knew I needed until I owned one, I always keep an extra in the back pocket of my pants.

Part of Engineered Garments Workaday collection, the canvas tote bag is probably the best bag to be released this season. An instant classic, it will undoubtedly sell out everywhere before spring even arrives.

Finally, the light blue Bedford jacket is a great summer sportcoat option when it's too hot for dark colors and you don't want to go with seersucker or some shade of off-white. This particular color would pair well with some khaki chinos or nantucket reds.



I like that creamy white tote a lot- but I'm always afraid they'd get so dirty so quickly. Hmmm...

My Affair with Michael Bastian

So many desirable pieces!

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