Kenton Sorensen Leather Laptop Portfolio

Jan 14, 2011

Natural leather is a beautiful thing; the way it ages and develops unique characteristics, it's easy to see why many people who wear raw denim swear by it. I find it can be somewhat unsightly for the six plus months it takes to develop a basic patina, but one of the great things about it is that it's essentially a blank canvas before you leave your mark on it. If you want to skip those in-between months, I've found staining or treating the leather with a bit of mink oil can go a long way in enhancing the character of your leather while still giving it a very personal look.

But this post isn't so much about the beauty of natural leather as it is about the beauty of this simple design. This leather laptop portfolio doesn't offer much in the way of padding, but it's still one of the most stylish cases I've seen for carrying the essentials. It's $260 at Mjölk; expensive but a worthy investment as it'll only get better with age. Or if you have an iPad, Context has a simpler and cheaper design for $140.


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