Robert Geller Fall/Winter 2011 Details

Feb 13, 2011

I didn't want to get caught up in the hype of fashion week and start posting things that no one will be able to purchase for another six months, but Geller is one of my favorites and these runway photos were too good not to share. There's some solidarity with prior collections in terms of color and texture, but enough new silhouettes and reinterpreted pieces to keep the momentum. has catalogued photos of the full collection as always, and to satiate your palette Le 21√®me Arrondissement has their own runway shots that really capture the character of the clothing in motion. As suggests, this is a more elegant and mature collection without the frills of collections past, but it still maintains the youthful vigor and sombre Germanic brooding that Geller is known for. It is, in my opinion, a triumph on both accounts.

— Images via Simple Male Models



The focus on details is a good move. I really wasn't feeling the runway shots, but close-ups pull out the attractiveness of individual pieces.

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