Shrine Haberdashers

Feb 15, 2011

The online shop of Chicago's latest haven for well-dressed men was launched today. Specializing in men's accessories, they offer a quaint but well-curated variety of artisanal goods. Fair warning: their prices are up there, but if you're like me and only need one good hat or one good umbrella, it's worth the investment. In their own words, Shrine pride themselves on their preservation of craft;

All of Shrine's products are handmade, in many cases by families who have passed on the traditions of their trade generation after generation. Such legacy is increasingly uncommon and Shrine is proud to support its continuation.

The great legacy of many of the brands Shrine carries speaks to the high level of quality one can expect from them. Feel free to contact them with any inquiries at, and if you're in the Chicago area, their retail store opened in November at 47 East Oak Street.

Lagomarsino grey Riera hat, $110

Peroni brown briefcase with clasp closure, $528

Drakes blue with light blue octagon pattern tie, $153

Francesco Maglia black watch tartan canopy umbrella, $460


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