Supreme Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Feb 17, 2011

A brand has never echoed so tremendously in recent years as the iconic Supreme, rich in a precise, gritty, unorthodox styling that its name rarely fails to strike a chord, even a passerby on Lafayette can revel quietly at the stark writing plastered on a crimson background. Hell, its labeling transcends the original flare. It is a statement, a firecracker on your street that never seems to go out, blazing on bitter ash fault on a yellow-soaked afternoon. A beacon of earnest design, a marvel that extinguishes avid label haters and street hawks looking to falsely spark up a booming city nightlife and RSS feeds.

Supreme remains memorable and everyone wants a piece of it. From the recent, white-washed Lady Gaga ads shot by the busy Terry Richardson to the Dukes of Hazards themselves from Los Angeles, OFWGKTA, rocking high socks, white sweatshirts and floral print (What a killer performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Watch it here), the bold type on a basic rectangle backdrop has exceeded the realm of skate junkies and street wear enthusiasts, propelling its image, its mark under a peripheral mainstream vision. Through word of mouth, start-up blogs and various internet ramblings, Supreme sits precariously on the edge of being the uniform for all high school delinquents at heart, a dangerously marketable staple that shows very little sign of losing momentum. Filled with impending growth, Supreme also balances a fine line of how much they should incorporate recent fashion cues tastefully without losing the incredible fire that started the fresh, bright company.


For moments such as this, Supreme delivers once again, favoring skate rats and style vultures alike with model Jason Dill, the good-humored rider who they have used before for their ads. Because their promo pieces are expertly shot, Supreme sometimes fails to achieve its prime potential in person, but the Macintosh jacket looks effortless, ready to wear for a traveling man as well as their rider jacket. The Jamaica, Queens bomber jacket might not pop in store, but the gold trimming against the blood-red material makes any soul prepared for the warmer months ahead while cruising or floundering around the city. My favorite piece is also inspired by the Caribbean island, but this one is a more direct translation. A tank top plastered with a light tropic print fit for any sunny day, chillin' and maxin' all cool, tobacco smoke trails drifting towards the giant ball of fire in the sky, similar to Dill's attitude in the shots. The floral shirt looks promising as well, channeling the pattern's resurgence in current style collections with a rosy conglomerate set to walk the many streets in next few months. Finally, Supreme never fails when it comes to breaking to the front lines of the hat game stirring on the streets with soon to be classic headgear. The collection will be available February 24th at New York and Los Angeles Supreme stores and on February 26th in Japan.



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