What I'm Bringing: Two Weeks In Mexico

Feb 18, 2011

Two weeks isn't that long but its long enough that I should bring some options. I'll also be traveling through pretty diverse parts of Mexico so I wanted to be prepared for the various climates, terrain, and possible occassions. That being said, I didn't want to have to lug a bunch of stuff around for two weeks; so I first laid out everything I thought I would need and slowly trimmed the fat from there. I'm probably still bringing more than I need, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Breakdown's below:

— Five pair grey ribbed Muji boxer briefs, three melange Uniqlo socks (red, grey, navy) and a pair of Solmate socks
— Four white Uniqlo supima v-necks, one grey Uniqlo DRY v-neck tee
— One 14-year old navy PRL polo shirt (I've had it since I was 8 and it still fits somehow)
— Two OCBDs: BBESF in blue & white
— Two J.Crew merino v-neck sweaters in navy and grey
— SEXSC06, Rugby chinos in light khaki, light grey vintage bermuda shorts
— Vineyard Vines swim trunks (in Nantucket red of all colors, with a fish skeleton print)
— Three jackets: ECWCS Gen II Marpat parka, WWII HBT jacket, 30's linen double-breasted shawl lapel dinner jacket (it was that or a floral Engineered Garments one)
— Three pairs of shoes: Clarks wallabees, Common Projects achilles low (with shoe trees and bag), and some 8 year old Reef sandals
— J.Crew plaque belt, Drakes non-crease silk tie in navy w/white dots, sterling silver tie bar
— Supreme F/W '08 corduroy/suede snap-back, tortoise Bausch & Lomb wayfarers in my MS & Co. sleeve, the Hill-Side crosses chambray pocket square along with my usual EDC, some chapstick, and my passport
— Toiletries in a sealed plastic bag, towel, wash cloth, and some haircutting supplies (I have a feeling I'll get the urge to cut my hair while I'm gone)
— Jiffy travel steamer
— Reading material: The Man Who was Thursday

I'll have some of the above on my person and the rest is going into a suitcase and Filson tote. Hopefully I'll be too busy to update the blog 'til I get back.



Have a good trip.

You're a brave soul to be traveling through "diverse parts of Mexico" right now.


agree with anon, be safe.

My Affair with Michael Bastian



This is great, and, as others have already said, I wish you safe travels.

Also - The Man Who Was Thursday is my all-time favorite book. If you haven't read it, you're in for a treat. If you're re-reading it, you're in for a treat.


Mexico City is an exciting place..have fun


Inspirational for a two-week trip I'm about to take. Thanks.

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