G1 Goods

Mar 30, 2011

It's truly my pleasure to introduce you all to G1 Goods, a brand I feel has been slept on for too long. G1 Goods pride themselves on their impeccable American menswear staples made, not for men, but for women. It's a generally accepted fact by men that women look great in our clothing. What I love about G1 Goods is that they've taken these menswear staples into the realm of womenswear by preserving their essence, but reducing them into cleaner designs and sharply tailored fits. Even their military-inspired garments have a relaxed but slender appearance. By trimming down the silhouettes, they make the clothing even more flattering and comfortable for women.

Their Spring/Summer 2011 collection is currently being added to their recently launched web store and includes shirting, jackets, and pants all in trim fits and very comfortable cotton fabrics.

For Fall/Winter 2011, they've lined up what's set to be their best collection yet which, to date, features a cleaner toggle coat, a slim field jacket, an academic-inspired blazer with military pockets, an oxford shirt with contrast pockets, and tailored shorts with military pockets.

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