Mar 18, 2011

A new tie maker's in town with a small batch of ties that look unassuming enough at first glance. Reading Christensen's blog gives some insight on the streamlined construction and vintage fabric that gives these ties their character. To construct these ties, selvedge denim from the 30's and 40's is cut with the weft (across the fabric's width) as opposed to being cut on the bias. Ties are then folded with a length of 55" and front width of 3" and sewn together on single-needle machines with the selvedge exposed on the back tie end. The resulting tie looks a lot like a minimal, pointed version of the Hill-Side ties. For now there are five colors available; charcoal, red, striped, light blue, and chartreuse. The ties cost $90 each plus $8 for shipping, and only 5 are available in each color. For more details or to purchase, contact youroldpaljim@gmail.com.

— Information via Reference Library


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