Mexico, Part 2: Michoacán

Mar 10, 2011

After a few days in Mexico City, we took a bus to Morelia to visit more family. From there we visited El Rosario Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary, the mountain lake Zirahuén, the colonial town of Pátzcuaro, my grandfather's hometown of Zamora, my mother's hometown of Jacona, and the spring-fed lake Camecuaro.

First sighting of a butterfly
As we ascended higher into the mountains, more appeared
It was overwhelming at times
Much more beautiful in person
Later that day we tried to find a waterfall and this stray dog tagged along. He was very friendly
It was getting dark and we were still very far from the waterfall, so we headed back
The water is naturally teal, and surrounding forest beautiful, so we went for a hike
Found a tree full of ripe avocados, we may or may not have picked a bunch of them
After the hike, we zip-lined across the lake. This was the view
We visited a convent where the nuns made a pulmonary medicine out of newts. Gross...
A really old door knocker on the door of the convent. You have to knock it to get the nuns' attention since they're closed off from society
Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, exterior
Cathedral of Our Lady of Guadalupe, interior
The sanctuary where my grandmother's remains lay
It was pretty creepy in there
An unexpected wedding next door helped to lighten the mood later on
An uncle of mine, gathering lettuce for us from the plantation he owns. Could be where your lettuce comes from
At a festival celebrating the strawberry harvest in Jacona. I don't remember taking this photo


My grandfather borrowed my trunks to go for a swim after I got out. The water was cool and refreshing.
Blue-dyed fox pelt. Really the only interesting thing they were selling there


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