Alden ✕ Leffot Indy Boots

Apr 30, 2011

Leffot just received a delivery of two exclusive Indy boots, one of which being this tan suede pair on the Trubalance last. With it's laces of a lighter tan, and super lightweight and flexible red micro soles, it's one of the best boots I've found for spring. This cross between the classic Indy boot and timeless dirty buck is about as fashionable as you can get in terms of heritage inspiration. They remind me of the roughout boots worn by the U.S. military in World War II, and you could waterproof them with Sno-Seal just the same. Lack of speed laces means you might spend a little more time lacing them up in the morning, but your laces will last a whole lot longer.

$475 at Leffot


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