Edwardian Era Street Style

Apr 27, 2011

I found this footage that provides a rather vivid, ethereal view of the streets of England and Ireland during a time when, for the most part, standards of dress were still upheld. I love the bold wing and turnover collar shapes, high lapels, bow ties worn non-ironically, and three piece suits. The most common suit for informal and semi-formal occassions was the Sacque; which, much like the contemporary sack suit, was single-breasted, relatively unstructured and loose-fitting. However coats and waistcoats typically had a higher fastening, and trousers had no break with turn-up cuffs. Soft homburgs and stiff bowlers were the hats preferred for most occassions, though flat straw boaters were also seen in warmer months. Top hats were expected to be worn by the upper class. Virtually everyone wore ankle boots, with white spats for formal occasions.

Sack suits in a 1906 Sears catalog, the man on the right is probably the most stylish
Morning dress options
Man in a semi-formal stroller coat with the more formal ascot worn under a turnover collar
Patterned suits were also in fashion and most suitable for informal and semi-formal occasions
The post-modern Teddy Boys drew their inspiration from the dandies of this era, but their take on the style was much more dramatized with drainpipe trousers, brothel creepers, duck's arses, and the occasional velvet collar.



Dude, awesome post.


I love it that the bowler is the most ubiquitous hat on the street. It's due for a comeback, isn't it?

Matt Fox



amazing video. it's crushing that in hundred years time there won't be anything as beautiful as this to represent our time.
the post from 'anonymous' sums it up quite well with his remark about bowlers "due for a comeback". it destroys me to think that men's style these days exists almost purely through regurgitating and bastardising the past.
and dressing ironically!? (sorry to rant - i guess it's touched a nerve).
happy i found this blog though. thanks


Love those cigarette pants, not too crazy for the shoes in the last photo though.

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