Kent Wang Spread Collar Polo Shirt

May 7, 2011

Quickly becoming one of the menswear blogger's shirts of choice this season after making the rounds on Tumblr and a few reputable blogs, I decided I had to grab one myself. Kent Wang's polo design is revered for it's reinforced spread collar, which means it won't lay flat at the base of your neck as most polo shirts currently do; Rather, it rolls as a fine shirt should, making it ideal for wearing under a jacket. Though there are a handful of other polos that do this such as Guy Rover (reviewed on Die Workwear), Kent Wang's polo is the most affordable and probably the best buy, retailing at a sweet $65 with free ground shipping.

It was upon seeing that Chris Benjamin and Edwin Hu had both grabbed the "robin's egg" blue polo, that I chose to tread on more delicate ground with the pink polo. Being a popular shirt color for men in trad history thanks in part to Brooks Brothers, as well as for rappers (and the wannabe thugs in my school) in the late 90's and early 00's, I figured it was due for a revival, if only in my wardrobe. I sized up, and after a warm wash and dry the fabric is still extremely soft and the fit is slim but not too form-fitting. The printed information on the inside of the shirt has deteriorated from the warm wash as you can see in the photos, but that isn't such a big deal. Overall, I'd say the shirt is a steal and is sure to be one of my warm weather staples this season.

The tail is only slightly longer, it should still stay tucked in for everyday wear but I don't really feel polo shirts need to be tucked in anyway.

Beautiful, albeit thin, Mother of Pearl buttons, and a shapely spread collar.

The collar is reinforced by stitching an extra piece of fabric around the neck.

And here you can see how well it stands under a jacket.


Martin Whysall

The Pink Colored collared t-shirt is looking more eccentric. One can explore its formal look within a minutes by wearing it with black jacket.

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