Charlie Rose's Hour with Ralph Lauren

Jun 2, 2011

Those who know me well know that Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers and a sort of idol of mine. Growing up, nearly everyone I knew, from every age group and demographic, had at least one article of clothing from one of his lines. My first blue blazer and my first suit were Polo Ralph Lauren. Today, I still have and wear a few odd pieces from my youth and admire even the most basic staples of his collections.

The video interview below, conducted in 1993, essentially reinforces the idea that Ralph Lauren has achieved the American dream (however that is defined these days). In relation to style, Ralph Lauren has been successful for having a consistent, clear vision and sticking with it. He also understands the influencers of personal style in America and how those have shaped the American aesthetic. As I go through life and develop my own style, I find Ralph's ideas of authenticity and historical influence as well as his overall outlook on life to be a great inspiration.

— Video via Men of Habit on Tumblr


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