Summer Footwear 2011

Jun 25, 2011

To build on my Fall footwear post, here's what I'll be wearing through summer (for the most part); when I inevitably head to a beach someplace, it will probably be barefoot, in my trusty old Reef sandals, or in some espadrilles should I decide to pick a pair up from my new job at Save Khaki.

The double monks are a pair of vintage John Lobb William's I won on eBay this month. There's a few nicks and gouges on them, but after a good polish with wax, they're appropriate enough for wearing casually.

The tennis shoes are the classic Tretorn Nylite from my internship at BPMW. I'll be doing another post on them in the near future, but they've become my staple shoes this summer.

With these two pairs in rotation, there isn't much else I need to wear. I have other shoes for their respective occasions, and may occasionally wear my suede shoes I've been wearing through spring; blue suede Alden for Anatomica leisure handsewn moccasin and Peal & Co. snuff suede bluchers with Dainite soles.


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