Rugby Ralph Lauren New Arrivals

Oct 20, 2011

Rugby has long been a favorite of mine for affordable takes on traditional American designs. As I've grown older, I've found their vision isn't always aligned with what I would consider good taste. But they get things right most of the time, and that's more than I can say for a lot of brands in the same tier. They know their audience well enough that it shows when Dipset rappers Cam'ronJuelz Santana and Vado proudly flaunt their wares. I think the only reason more kids aren't as decked out in Rugby as with the A&F/Hollister scene is the fact that they don't have many stores in shopping malls. So without a car or their parents' credit cards, kids are out of luck. Regardless, the brand is doing their part to help young adults dress better.

Along with the reintroduction of some of their signature pieces, this season sees Rugby rehashing their take on Americana; a blend of the understated prep and rugged outdoorsman. The brand certainly has their fair share of colorful pieces while the strongest pieces they offer can appear rather bland by comparison. Nevertheless, their most basic items are the building blocks of a solid wardrobe, and their Corduroy University Pant is one of my favorite pieces I'll be wearing through winter. More of my picks below.

Lambswool Fingerless Glove in Black

Black Tartan Wadham Shirt

Ragg Shawl Pullover

Red Striped Surcingle Belt

Canvas & Italian Leather Bag

Striped Cashmere Scarf

Yukon Expedition Shirt

Leather Stripe Bowling Bag

Navy Down Ski Cap

Shaggy Shetland Pullover in Red

Purple Stripe College Scarf

Hooded Snorkel Jacket


Arturo Romo

Wow... this is rugby? Such a refreshing take on a look I consider to be passé and "mall" thanks to A&F. I knew there was a reason I love RL. Add RL Rugby Collection to my winter wardrobe: CHECK!

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