Blue in Green Chinos

May 5, 2010

If you've at all an eye for detail, you'll recall these from one of my earlier posts in the "Looks" series; The Athlete. Well, luckily this past week I found someone selling them in my size for half the original price. Measurements were a little big for me, but since they come unwashed I knew they would shrink. Gekauft, flash-forward to their arrival today, I unpacked, tried on, and immediately washed, dried, put back on; and have yet to remove. The fit is very similar to my New Standards and the fabric is thicker and more tightly woven than most chinos. I'd say the hand of the fabric is probably closest to Dickies work pants, though these are much more refined. These chinos are all about the details: ecru twill pocketbags, felled seams, and a lot of features often found on early versions of the chino pant. If you're a long time reader, you might recall my old standby UVCs which also had many of the same features. However, the BiG chino replaces the brass zip-fly with a more traditional button-fly and has raw unwashed fabric so the chinos will wear much like raw denim does.

Overall these chinos have a better quality of fabric and construction, as well as a better fit, and will last much longer than your typical off-the-rack pair. Unfortunately the only pair(s) left are in size 29, so if that's your size, you're in luck. These are a bit pricey at $175, but considering what you're getting for your money, it's a much better deal than what a lot of designer brands are touting as the perfect chino, including Band of Outsiders' $550 version. If you're not slim enough to squeeze into a size 29, there is still hope, as I've been informed that Grown & Sewn will soon have a raw selvedge chino available for purchase and Save Khaki is working on their own little something along these lines. I think with the current trends in menswear, a high quality slim-fitting chino will soon be in demand.


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