May 31, 2010

— via Inventory

I've never seriously thought about it, but I think my dream job would be owning and curating my own little "secret" shop. I'd love to be able to have a space that I could decorate and fill with my favorite things, and in turn be able share that space with friends and like-minded people. I can see it now; wood floors, window displays, coffee and tea at the counter, local art on the walls, a good stereo system playing favorite music, friendly people, beautiful clothing (including an in-house line) and other fine goods. To be able to turn such a thing into a source of income, even a career; well, that would be my dream job. In the meantime, it's probably more realistic to imagine myself working at a great shop like Haven.



Seems like a lot of us our having this same thought. I'm going to try to make it a reality, hopefully it works out.


So dope. Talk about a shop reflecting its owners' personality...


Very inspiring indeed. I'd love to own a shop like this myself one day.

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