TOJ0 Anniversary Model

May 30, 2010

A little over a year ago, Temple of Jawnz debuted it's first jacket; the TOJ0 Varsity. With a low pricepoint, good construction, slim fit, and a certain level of customizability and exclusivity, the jacket was an instant hit. Word quickly spread around fashion forums and soon even kids from Hypebeast were fiending for their fix of the TOJ glory. With the TOJ0's, it had become the Temple's staple piece, which was a little unsettling for the founder, Drew. But the success of the jacket had proven there was a market for quality custom-made jackets.

"Man i had no idea. I thought id make like 5 of those TOJ0's and that would be it, but it just snowballed.. Been one hell of a trip and i appreciate all the support along the way, everyone has made this what it is. No other choice now but to continue and let this puppy grow and get smarter." — Drew (dismalfuture)

With what little money he had, Drew began investing in sample pieces for new jackets and other ventures including dress trousers, shirts, bags, and wallets. As he said, the ideas began snowballing into the Temple we all know and love today.

The anniversary model has a base price of $265, added shoulder gussets for improved movement, slightly longer sleeves for a better fit, and consists of:
— Melton wool body: black, light grey, medium grey, wine red, cherry red, navy (more colors available upon inquiry)
— Single, double, or triple striped trim with white or beige contrast stripes (no choice on this, it all depends on the color), solid trim for all colors
— Soft lamb leather in black, beige, or white (perforated leather, suede, and other colors available for $10 extra)
— Sateen lining and heavyweight, custom-colored snaps
— Optional chenille patches and varsity letters for $10 extra (may take longer to produce as they'll be done in a separate run)

Like most TOJ jackets it comes in sizes 44 through 52 (see measurements here), MTM is $10 extra.
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