D.I.Y. Cutoff Shorts

Jun 24, 2010

Had some free time and a pair of Uniqlo cords that were a bit too skinny for my taste. With temperature in the high 80s and 90s this week, I figured I'd take some advice from GQ to cool off:

Summer's on the way. Don't buy shorts, make 'em. Here's how.

A. Choose a pair of old khakis or fine-wale cords to sacrifice.

B. Put them on and use a pencil to mark an inch below each knee (for starters).

C. Take the pants off and lay them on the floor, making sure all the seams and hems are neatly aligned.

D. Cut each leg just above the pencil marking.

E. Repeat until the legs are even and you like the length. (Remember, you can always cut them a little shorter, but you can never make them any longer.)

F. Put on some canvas sneakers and go outside.


willy cheesesteak

Damn homie, you weren't kidding when you said you had hairy legs lol.

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