Run Of The Mill Shop

Jun 21, 2010

— Spring/Summer 2010 collection now available

Jeremy, Jon, and Lawrence finally launched their webshop, ROTM last night. While it caters to a niche market of fashion-forward individuals, they insist (and it's true) that there's something for everyone in their small first collection. The trio collaborated with Mark McNairy on this collection to give their customers a little bit of everything. Love cargo pants but you're not a fan of the flashy digi camo? There's a subdued navy version as well. Like well-made garments but aren't too adventurous? The red university stripe oxford isn't as common as it's blue counterpart, but it's just as classic.

Loden green suede longwing

The standout item seems to be their loden green suede longwing. When I got a preorder e-mail from Jeremy, I was weary of this shoe. Green suede? would anyone really wear that? It sounded very odd and unappealing. Of course once I saw the photos, my mind changed completely. I was glad to learn that this one design was the one my friends had the most freedom in designing. From the hiking laces down to the crepe sole, the shoes represent the best of McNairy's New Amsterdam footwear range and perhaps the ethos of our collective style; classic, with a twist.


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