Blue in Green Navy Chino Trouser - Made in Japan

Jul 27, 2010

My beige Blue in Green chinos have been getting the most wear of any of my trousers this summer, and with good reason. While a lot of brands are doing updated versions of the classic chino, I really think Blue in Green has come the closest to perfecting it. These are the New Standard of chinos, better even. Very high quality, durable construction, without any unnecessary features. Blue in Green's take in navy is literally the same exact pant as their beige version, just in navy. Using raw, unwashed, mercerized cotton, these will fade and bleed a lot like raw denim. They'll also shrink a bit the first time or two that you wash them. I did an initial wash of my beige chinos and I loved the results; a perfect fit and matte appearance (none of the sheen seen in the photos). Because they fit me so well and are easily wearable year round, I'd say they were probably my best purchase this year. You can pick up the new navy chinos in store at 8 Greene Street or online for a very reasonable $175.


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