Alden Trunk Show

Aug 27, 2010

via Hypebeast
Alden has released five bespoke shoe models as part of the Alden Trunk Show in collaboration with Beams Plus Harajuku, a Japanese clothing shop that is currently celebrating it's 10th anniversary. For this exclusive collaboration, Beams Plus has interviewed Arthur Tarlowe, the president of Alden, to ask him about his views of the changing demographic of Alden's customers, his favorite shoe models, and what's next for Alden. It's evident from the copy of Inventory Magazine in his hand throughout the interview that Tarlowe is embracing and enjoying the newfound perspective of the younger generation; one whose focus is on quality and authenticity. Another admirable trait he displays in this interview is Alden's dedication to tradition despite the fact that they're currently in the fashion spotlight (though they don't mind a fresh take on a classic occasionally). Beams also took it upon themselves to interview their own president, Yo Shitara, as well as what appears to be a shop employee and several reputable men in Japanese fashion. If you can understand Japanese, you can view the interviews on the Trunk Show page, otherwise Tarlowe's interview and the shoe models are embedded below.



hm. i like the saddle oxford.


Interesting collection - they seem like good 'alternatives' to the Alden classics. Of these, I do like the Munson boots.

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