Clarks Desert Boots, Two Years In

Aug 15, 2010

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They weren't this color when I bought them; this patina was achieved after four semesters and a couple of summers of hard work and play, and many a drunken night walking home through the woods. It's been a good run, but I've decided it's time to part with these. I bought my true size when I should have sized down a half size so I've been wearing these with heavy wool socks most of the time. It's not a practical way to dress in warm weather though, so I figure I'll sell these and start fresh with a new pair in the right size. I just put them up for sale on StyleForum, if you're a size 10.5D you should cop.



What color were they originally? I love the bark color they turned into.

Nicolas Lazaro

Looks like this is the closest match (Taupe):


Those look great. Sad day to part with them my friend. I got a pair from undergrad I have had for nearly 10 years that are like an old friend. The uppers are worn and soles are beat to shit, but I just can't part with them.

Hope your new one's get work like these.

- Jeremiah


These boots are so cool, I love how they look so old. I definitely am going to have to get a pair of these!

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