Soutiencol "Ivy League" B.D. Shirt

Aug 16, 2010

Just another great bengal stripe shirt of sorts that I felt like sharing. This one comes from the Japanese brand Soutiencol. I couldn't find out much about them online, but they seem to have caught the trad/prep bug like everybody else (as you can see in their Spring / Summer 2010 lookbook). Similar idea to "fun" shirts; alternating fabrics used for different panels of the shirt. Fabric and construction both look on point and overall this shirt looks really well thought out; it has just the right amount of twist to it. For now, it looks like the only way I can get my hands on it is if I proxy it from the Japanese retailer Northern Island (I found the pics on their blog) for  ¥18900 + shipping (probably at least $250). Not a totally unrealistic option, and this shirt is probably worth it. More pics after the jump.


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