The Essentials: Fall Edition

Sep 20, 2010

Been getting some requests around the internet, so I figured I would help the new kids. For the rest of you this should just be a refresher course. Here's what I think should be in every guy's fall wardrobe before anything else.  A lot of these items have lofty prices, but the main point of this is to give people an idea of what they should look like. So if you find something cheaper, by all means go for it. I just figured I'd showcase some of my favorite brands while I'm at this (also the product shots were the easiest to work with in Photoshop).

1. Oxford cloth button down (OCBD) shirts in blue and white
— Beams Plus, $170 at Inventory Stockroom

2. White dress shirts
— Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, $165 at Black Fleece

3. Navy silk tie / charcoal wool tie
— Lands' End, $49.50 at Lands' End / Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, $125 at Black Fleece

4. Knit crewnecks, v-necks, and cardigans in navy, gray, or neutral colors
— Patrik Ervell, $230 Sold Out at Patrik Ervell / Our Legacy, €130 at Our Legacy, J.Crew, $69.50 at J.Crew

5. Navy blazer / charcoal sportcoat
— Band of Outsiders, $1656 at Band of Outsiders / Our Legacy, €260 at Our Legacy

6. Khaki chinos, selvedge denim, charcoal flannel trousers
— Blue in Green, $175 at Blue in Green / Blue in Green, $225 at Blue in Green / Epaulet, $185 at Epaulet

7. Brown and black leather dress shoes
— Peal & Co., $598 at Brooks Brothers / Brooks Brothers, $650 at Brooks Brothers

8. Beige trench coat
— Mackintosh, £415 at Mackintosh Rainwear

9. Black tie attire
— Available at J.Crew

10. Chesterfield overcoat
— Our Legacy, €400 at Our Legacy

11. Umbrella

— Howard Yount, $145-$165 at Howard Yount

12. Rubber boots
— L.L.Bean, $104 at L.L.Bean

13. Navy dress socks / neutral wool socks
— Pantherella, $30 at Hunter & Coggins / Fox River, $12 for 2 pair at Fox River Socks


angelo spagnolo

I'm going with the $15 navy knit from tie bar this fall. Bean boots and some Epaulet wool trousers are on my list too. Good looks G.


Great post!


Good stuff, but just to note, those blazers are cut way too short. Don't dress like you're a little boy trying to dress grown up - just dress like a grown up.


@Anon - Don't tell people how to dress. If they like short blazers they can wear short blazers. You can wear a long one.

This stuff is clean, effortless and timeless. The only problem is that I can't afford all these things at once

Nicolas Lazaro

Thanks guys. As I said before, these are just my picks and people should obviously shop around, try stuff on, and find what they prefer and what fits them best.


i just had a pair of the epaulet trousers delivered today. i opted for the british khaki rivet chino and they are amazing. as soon as my size is restocked i'm going to get a few more pairs now that i see how perfect the fit is. great post.

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