Freelance Briefcase Preview

Sep 22, 2010

Full post with some real photos next week (when my s90 arrives). Til then, here's the hang tag:

If for some reason, you can't make it out from the photo, here's what the copy reads:
Though chronically unemployed, freelancers nonetheless occasionally wish to appear employable, and there's nothing like a briefcase for saying, "Me grown-up." Like freelancers themselves, our Freelance Briefcase works when it has to, and plays when it doesn't. It's multiple compartments one zippered, three open can conceal notebooks, pencils, sketchpads; but when the assignment's done, they issue forth granola bars and paperback mysteries. A portable office for men and women who believe imagination opens more doors than a manicured resume.

It's sort of the perfect bag for me while I take my last couple classes of college this fall and try to find a job.



I tried searching ol Google for this case to no avail. It seems to be BR but I see no mention of it and searching "freelance briefcase" takes me right back here.

Where can I pick it up?

Nicolas Lazaro

Ah, I actually picked it up on eBay. It's deadstock from around 1989, better quality than the stuff BR does these days. I'm going to take more photos soon, but the chances of coming across this again (at least in this great condition) are pretty slim.

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