Visvim Autumn / Winter 2010 Lookbook

Sep 4, 2010

Visvim is one of those brands most people either love or hate. While I don't love everything the brand's designer, Hiroki Nakamura, creates; I respect his direction in designing high-quality clothing based on classic pieces. The updated silhouettes are sometimes hard to swallow; I still can't seem to stomach the cropped high-water pants which look too much like capris and leave the wearer's ankles exposed. But I do appreciate the hand he's had in keeping americana alive and well across the globe. The Autumn / Winter lookbook came out earlier this summer, but One Eight Nine just recently got their hands on the high resolution scans I've included below.

Model: Pawel Bednarec
Styling and Direction: Hiroki Nakamura (Visvim Founder)
Photographs: JFKK

via One Eight Nine (



short is the new long. Ankle flash is the shit.

Nicolas Lazaro

haha, I'll admit it's an improvement over 38 inch inseams.


I used to talk mad shit about highwater pants. Then I went to Japan and saw like 400 dudes pull it off. I'm officially on the fence with the short trouser look.

willy cheesesteak

Cotdamn I need that khaki parka.


This is such a nice collection and hell yeah on the cropped pants look. Definitely better than those long ass baggy ass pants.

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