J.Crew Clothing Factory

Oct 2, 2010

The J.Crew Clothing Factory is a new online shop opened up by J.Crew a few weeks ago that carries discounted or discontinued favorites from J.Crew's main line as well as samples that didn't make the cut. The shop is only opened on weekends (Friday through Sunday), and actually has a pretty good selection. I was warned that not all items in the Factory shop may be as advertised; cashmere sweaters that would normally be marked "Italian Cashmere" were they in the main line, may actually be a blend of fibers and, for that reason, part of the Factory line. Nonetheless, I decided to pick up a few items and try this cheaper line out for myself.

Silk skull embroidered club tie, Merino wool v-neck sweater, Motorcycle print boxers
The items I picked up were all luckily as advertised and of the same quality you might expect from a typical J.Crew garment. Having ordered from J.Crew's online shop in the past, I was also surprised to see the included note (seen below, something more typical of such smaller shops as J.Press). Overall I think it was a great snag and the total price was probably around what the sweater would retail for if it were part of the main line. So with that said, I'd definitely recommend checking out the Factory this weekend as long as you're willing to take a little risk for a good bargain.

Not a personalized note, but a nice addition nonetheless


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