Temple of Jawnz Fall / Winter 2010

Oct 2, 2010

If you've been following our blog since it's inception, you may recall a small brand by the name of Temple of Jawnz. If you haven't heard of them (read this post), you're not to blame - without an official website or even a physical shop, they're one of the internet's (and South Korea's) best kept secrets. Drew kept a few things up his sleeve this season, and I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised.

First up, the leathers have received a complete design overhaul. The 2010 Double Rider jacket now has four front pockets aligned with the seams of the jacket as well as double belts:

What's more is the jacket finally comes in matching his & hers patterns:
The women's DR:
Women's DR back, featuring zipped gussets over the kidneys for fit adjustment:
The 2010 Moto jacket has a sleeker, pared down look that is more distinctive to TOJ:
Both the jackets now have the same back with accordion shoulder seams:
The 2010 Bomber jacket now has a Riri zipper and revamped pocket design:
and this sample features a G-1 style back, no word on whether Drew's kept this for the final design:
Shirting is also back, for now the options are overdye colors and the following matching plaids:
And now we come to my favorites, the fall / winter exclusive items;
First there is the TOJ Winter Varsity, the most important distinction from past iterations being the raglan sleeves and more limited color options:
Next there is the TOJ Chesterfield, featuring functional button cuffs, unique tweed fabric and leather undercollar, a true gentleman's coat:
Rumor has it that some 14 oz. RHT denim might make its way into production later this year as well, though nothing has been confirmed:
Most items are made-to-measure, and I chose not to include color and fabric options or pricing in this post to keep it from becoming too lengthy. Wallets are also still available and updated duffel and pea coat s are in the works. If you are genuinely interested in purchasing a TOJ garment, you can e-mail Charly at templeofjawnz@gmail.com for pricing and availability. If you do order; including your own measurements or the measurements from your best fitting clothing along with your height, weight and tagged sizes you wear will ensure the best possible fit. For the most up to date information, the superfuture or StyleForum threads are your best bet.



good post, drew's doing good things. word is that the peacoat is available again as well :)


Noooo! youre revealing the secret you asshole! :)

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