J.Press for Urban Outfitters

Oct 28, 2010

I have to admit, in the past year Urban Outfitters has been stepping up their game with some quality collaborations. The latest is an exclusive line of affordable staples by Ivy League clothier, J.Press. While the quality of the garments probably isn't that great and they probably use plastic buttons on the shirts and trousers, everything looks good enough in the product shots that I'd buy any of it anyway. Links to each piece of the collection are under their respective photos below.

Golf jacket
Patchwork vest
Striped button-down shirt
Solid button-down shirt
Drill pant
Solid wool trouser
Blackwatch trouser



What the what? This is awesome but also really confusing. Why would J Press want to do a line for UO? Oh well, maybe they will actually fit me haha. It's copping season.


This is weird. Worlds colliding...

The Glengarry Sporting Club

This is very unexpected but I'm not sure why.


Don't like it.

Sharri Sweeting

Collaborations like this make me wonder which of the companies involved is using this to change their image. Is Urban trying to become more mature or is J. Press trying to become more hip?

Nicolas Lazaro

Sharri, it's probably a bit of both.

I honestly never really liked Urban Outfitters in the past because of some shady rumors and of course the fact that, like H&M, it's the equivalent of fast-food but for clothing and only hipsters shop there. However, I'm starting to appreciate that they're making some of my favorite brands more accessible and appealing to a broader market. They're not the most desirable partner for such collaborations in my eyes, but for a younger, hipper J.Press, I'll take it.


Many of the pieces are a complete GANT Rugger rip-off, including the model used!

Messrs J.Press et UA: "you've been weighed, measured and found wanting..."


J. Press uses cheap plastic buttons on their own shirts and trousers, so what's different here? Except the too short collar points on the OCBDs, which just look sad.

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