Roy's Jeans

Oct 27, 2010

I was first introduced to Roy denim through superfuture earlier this year and immediately fell in love. Roy Slaper is the one man army behind the denim; a skilled metalsmith who has been practicing and perfecting his denim craft over the past few years. Slaper hand cuts from red cast 14 oz. unsanforized Cone Mills denim; the kind of fabric with an uneven character due to the loom chatter that naturally occurs from vintage American selvedge looms. The red cast gives the indigo more of a purple hue and unsanforized denim is prone to shrinkage. Sewing, stitching, and riveting is all done on vintage Union Special, Singer, Reece, and Merrow machines. Dyed, stamped, and burnished by hand; the thick single-layer leather tag comes from locally-sourced cowhide. With donut buttons, hidden rivets, unbleached cotton pocket bags, and 7 different golden-hued poly core threads implemented throughout, everything about this denim is rich with character that's sure to flourish with age. Roy denim is now available in either a straight or narrow leg cut through Self Edge. I caught a glimpse of it at their shop here last week and it's just as beautiful in person. If you're interested in learning more, check the superfuture thread or official website.

Shots from Roy's studio
Roy's signature is stitched into every pair
A sample of well-worn Roy denim; the roping at the hem is something die-hards go crazy for
Roy Jean RN1 - Narrow Leg fit pic from Self Edge


Castor Reigns

Gotta love a man who can work a sewing machine (in so many ways)

Some Assembly Required

How ridiculous do those cuffs look?


100% perfect

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