The Rig Out Issue III

Oct 14, 2010

I visited Nepenthes NY for a second time today to check out their selection of Made With Rest items, and while I was there I picked up the latest edition of The Rig Out. The Rig Out is basically a small lookbook of sorts, but the looks feature items from multiple brands in interesting settings photographed by Antony Cook. With this third issue, they really stepped up the production value with thicker matte and glossy pages and some great features mixed in along with the looks (including an interview with WP Lavori's creative director, Andrea Cane, who was responsible for presenting Daiki Suzuki's Woolrich Woolen Mills). My favorite part of the magazine is the 30 Century Man editorial which features an incredibly-bearded James Bowthorpe, the cyclist who broke the world record for circumnavigating the globe last year.

Stockists include Oi Polloi, Cinch and the other Levis XX stores in Paris, Milan and Tokyo, Nepenthes NY, WP Lavori stores in Florence and Milan and online at Secret Forts and A Continuous Lean, as well as Oi Polloi's web shop. It was only $5 at Nepenthes NY, and while I'm usually not a fan of print media, I'd say it was worth every penny and then some. Be sure to follow the stylist Glenn Kitson on Twitter for updates.

Nigel Cabourn and Daiki Suzuki at Nepenthes NY, "The Rig Out's biggest fans"
— Images via Hypebeast and Lineage of Influence



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