Berg & Berg Autumn / Winter 2010

Oct 15, 2010

Berg & Berg was founded by Karin Marcusson (soon to be Berg) and Mathais Berg in 2009. In 2010, they've become my favorite brand for neckwear. Like myself, Karin and Mathias felt there was a lack of accessibility to high quality classic accessories at reasonable prices, at least in their part of the world. Though they're based in Oslo, Norway, they began their search at the source of some of the world's finest fabrics, Italy. Through working with Italian niche manufacturers in Biella in the north and Naples in the south, they were able to use some of the finest materials available to craft their own collection of accessories. This season marks the entrance of their collection to the global market with the launch of their web shop just last month. This first collection is primarily focused on timeless staple pieces in vivid colors and patterns. Whether you're looking for the perfect cashmere knit tie or just a colorful pocket square in fine silk or wool to add to your collection, the shop has great offerings for all your needs. This season I picked up an unlined wool tie and a double-sided cashmere scarf, both of which have already sold out. I took some photos of myself wearing them this morning to show you just how well these pieces can work on a blustery autumn day. The craftsmanship on both is supreme; the best on an accessories I own, and these have already become my favorite accessories I own. While the pieces I own may be sold out, there's still a plethora of beautiful accessories available at their web shop so be sure to check it out. Also be sure to read their blog for updates and ideas on how to pair their pieces.


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