Four Horsemen x Viberg Service Boot

Nov 6, 2010

Gorgeous boots inspired by a pair of 1950's service boots that Glenn Viberg's grandfather owned. Made of buffalo leather on a slimmer last, they also feature a stacked heel, gunmetal eyelets, and copper thread. The deadstock Cat's Paw heel and thin Vibram #269 sole mean you can wear these in any weather (you can sno-seal the uppers for added protection but it's not necessary). The roughout vamp and counter compliment the natural textures of buffalo leather on the quarters, just as the natural sole contrasts well with the black uppers. These boots will age beautifully, and with such excellent construction and materials, they are well worth an investment. No word on the pricing, but they'll be available at Four Horsemen Shop on Monday. For more information check out the recent post on their blog.


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