J.Crew Spring 2011 Collection

Nov 5, 2010

J.Crew unveiled their latest looks yesterday featuring plenty of chambray. The women's looks all have a tomboy-ish feel with details slightly more rugged than usual. Men's looks are obviously heavily inspired by their contemporaries and collaborators (but I won't get into that). I do love that all the men's looks showcase Alden and Quoddy footwear; some of my favorites. Overall I think there's plenty to look forward to, and it's another step (however small) in the right direction.

— Images via Fashionista and Secret Forts



Not bad...not bad at all. I do like the updated 'traditional' feel of the men's collection.


That hooded popover jacket is icy. People are gonna trip over that toggle jacket, it seems a bit gimmicky to me. Overall I think this collection was a step up from the past couple.

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