Left Field NYC

Dec 8, 2010

And out of left field... comes Left Field's online shop. I had no clue their online shop existed until Valet did a feature on their sweaters yesterday. I'm not in the market for any of their products just yet, but if I were they would be a strong contender. You can read a more concise description of the brand on Valet's feature, but I want to tell you what I love about their clothing. All their fabric is sourced from Japan or North America, and everything is made right here in the New York metropolitan area. While this is becoming a more common occurrence these days, Left Field was one the first brand to do this back in 1999, with brands such as Freemans Sporting Club and The Hill-Side following suit. The quality of construction in their clothing is another reason I love the brand; I've never been big on the trend of buying U.S.-made products, but I do believe in investing in quality. Left Field merges the two ideas, and exemplifies some of the highest levels of quality attainable in U.S.-made goods, making it an easier decision to support the local economy. Their products are also all made from either organic or sustainable resources. Finally, the product design; similar to many Japanese brands that were sprouting up in the 90's, Left Field's focus is on perfecting iconic American clothing. This isn't about workwear, or any of the P.I.T.A. trends (...well, maybe Americana), but about taking classic patterns that nearly anyone could have worn back in the day, and making them even better. While their prices are about $100 more than you'd pay to get something similar from a mall brand, I think you'll agree the clothing is a worthy investment as they'll last longer, wear better, and they're better for the environment. Right now their winter collection is online with a selection of merino wool sweaters, flannel shirts, organic chinos, and raw denim.

Navy / red plaid Japanese flannel shirt, $175
Bark ivy crew sweater, $185
Yellow selvedge shrink-to-fit jeans, $185
Caramel organic canvas chinos, $150


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