Self Edge × Sugar Cane = SEXSC06

Dec 8, 2010

This past September it was time to replace my APC New Standards, and the denim I wanted, these SEXSC06, were sold out in my size. Reluctantly, I put any thought of them to rest until I happened upon a pair in my size while browsing Style Forum. Upon their arrival, I had to get them hemmed by Self Edge because the original owner forgot to tell me he had cut out a length of the denim and then re-attached the hem to the severed legs. It was a horrific sight, so I had Self Edge cut off the botched hem and chain-stitch it themselves. The end result was a pair of denim that fits me without a break when cuffed, and with a mild break when un-cuffed; perfection.

In between receiving them and having them hemmed by Self Edge, I wore them for about a week around the house and running errands in town, so the denim has already started to conform to the shape of my body. From the photos you can see distinct whiskers forming in the crotch and the back of the knees after just a week’s worth of wear. My APCs took more than a few weeks to develop this kind of wear, though I probably wore them more sparsely than these. What is most noticeably distinct about this denim is that the creases are formed more laterally than other denim I’ve worn. I’d attribute this to the 50/50 Okinawa cotton / sugarcane blend of fabric, which is lightweight, breathable, and flexible without stretching. The denim still maintains a stiff, crisp texture despite these qualities, all of which are probably inherent to the sugarcane and the fact that these were woven on vintage shuttle looms (which produces a “looser, more-porous, slubby weave” according to Self Edge). The original owner had soaked these once in warm water, probably to get the shrinking out of the way. It’s something I would have done myself not only for reasons of shrinkage, but because I’ve heard that denim lasts longer if you soak it before you wear it. It appears that a minimal amount of indigo dye was lost in the initial soak since the denim isn't quite as dark in person as the product shots on Self Edge’s web shop, but enough dye was removed that the denim hasn’t bled onto any of my other clothing yet. In my front pockets I carry my Tanner Good cardholder and mobile phone, and in the back rest a handkerchief and iPod touch.

Black anodized buttons
Front pocket bags (Pockets full of sunshine)
Pin-check rear pocket lining
Reinforced crotch (denim patch)
While I’m eager to wear these daily, the chill of winter is swiftly approaching. Due to the breathable nature of the denim, I’m restricted to wearing these only on days when a pair of heat-tech long johns layered underneath are enough to keep me warm. So I’ll see how it goes, and I’ll post an update as soon as there’s something worth writing about.



These are fucking boss. I want some


The fit on these is phenomenal. Did you get your regular size or size up/down?

Nicolas Lazaro

I went with a size 29. I'm usually a size 30 (15.5" waist).

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