U.S. Navy Postal Messenger Bag

Dec 21, 2010

A well-worn 1944 U.S. Navy mail bag popped up on StyleForum a couple of days ago. From the photos, it seems to have developed a rich patina while still maintaining a good condition; which means it's still usable - not just a collector's item. At $500 shipped, it's a good buy considering that's around what most modern reproductions cost. From RRL to Imogene + Willie... even J.Crew has sold a bag based on this design, but nothing beats the original. If I had a use for it, I probably would have snagged this myself when I first saw it listed. Tempted as I am, there's a difference between wanting and needing; but if you're in the market for a durable daily bag with some character to it, this is certainly a "need". I have no affiliation with the seller, just an affinity for oxidized rivets and rich history.


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