A Winterized Longwing

Dec 18, 2010

Winn Perry offers one of the better footwear options I've seen this winter. The commando sole is one of the most durable soles available and it'll get you through the worst of weather and terrain. These shoes can get you through the snowy, the slushy, and the slippery. The brown painted brass eyelets also help to set these apart from the crowd and they match the Horween natural chromexcel leather rather well. Natural is one of the rarer colors of chromexcel leather but it ages beautifully and pairs well with the greatest variety of colors. The decorative 360 degree reverse welt is the finishing touch, making this one of the most decked-out footwear options this season that isn't over the top.

Alden 97873C Natural Chromexcel Longwing, $480


Silk Regimental

The even have snow tires! (just a bit of humor) ;)


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