Two Inch Cuffs Spring 2011 Lookbook

Mar 8, 2011

From a website that brands themselves as an online concept catalog comes a lookbook that caught my eye this morning. They say their inspiration for this season came from the relaxed style of San Francisco, but I think the style they illustrate speaks more for the current trend of Americana in general. The full lookbook is included below and while their site doesn't relaunch until the 14th, you can follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook for updates.


Try Again

Yeah, too bad their harsh Madbury Club biters. Maybe when they're a little more original .

Mike Harris

I'm feeling this! I'm excited for the 14th. Approved!


I don't see much in common.. Madbury Club is bit more hip hop in my opinion- not quite this plain or 'simple' if you will.


dat name is lamm


I loves this, and nah I don't think they are Madbury Club biters either. Madbury is more hypebeast this is more classic.

L. Kenneth

Word I don't think they are copying them. I feeling this.


The name is really fucking bad. This is also pretty boring...

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