Ovadia & Sons Spring/Summer 2012 at (capsule)

Jul 20, 2011

I've been pretty out of the loop as far as the blogosphere goes because I've been preparing for, setting up, and working at the (capsule) trade show for the past few days as part of my internship at BPMW. I didn't have too much free time but when I did, I spent most of it chatting up with the brothers at Ovadia & Sons. Not only are they great people, but their knowledge of of clothing and attention to detail was apparent as soon as I stepped into their booth. Spring/Summer 2012 is only their third collection, and surely set to be their most successful yet. Overall, they've pretty much perfected the "noveau prep" aesthetic and distilled it into a small selection of bold and distinctive garments. The best coverage I was able to do was grabbing some quick snaps on my phone before we started packing up for the end of the show, so without further ado, enjoy:

Some of the most beautiful shangtung ties I have ever laid eyes/hands on.

The classiest chambray work shirt: button-down collar and double pockets, one of which will have a pen slot.

One sportcoat to rule them all.

A herringbone sportcoat with country tendencies.

Self-fabric elbow patches are relatively understated, and more appealing to me for that reason.

Distressed ecru OCBD with white paint splatters. They also had seersucker cut-offs with multi-color paint splatters.

Silk knit ties embroidered with sailboats.

Flight jacket in black goatskin or pigskin, either way it's the real deal.

Chocolate DB, wear it with white pants next summer.

Their original snuff suede double monks, soon to be stocked by C'H'C'M.

Shimon was telling me about how he only recently found the peacock ornaments at a flea market for next to nothing. They ended up fitting the booth perfectly.

Sail & Safari; summer adventures seemed to be the main theme of their collection.

Brogued & kiltied captoes.


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